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Tri season kicked off in Iowa with Hickory Grove Triathlon- RESULTS

Looking for something fun to do mid-week?
Take the bike trail down to Cumming, Iowa for a little Taco Tuesday 
Tacopacolypse puts on the best Tacos in town! 
I was down there with friends last night.  Talk about a happening place!
More about the Cumming Tap at Bike Iowa (Map)

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Why Sports Massage?  Why you?  The real question is WHY NOT?

Perhaps you've had relaxation massage done, but not had sports specific fine tuning to your muscles. 

When putting together a plan, you look at what successful people have done and try to follow that same path.  Sports massage is an important element to overall health. 

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      Latest News:

      Cindy McGuire has been invited back for a second year of racing for Team Big Sexy Racing!   While Cindy continues to grow as an athlete, it enables her to learn more about the human body through nutrition, training and injury recovery and prevention.  She can then bring that information to you as part of your specialized Sports and Orthopedic massage treatments!  

      Cindy has the pleasure of once again being an ambassador for Kyle's Bikes and Discount Tri Supply.  This year, she'll be testing the Specialized Alias.  This bike is a women's specific design that is a combination of both Road bike and Tri bike.  Cindy will be testing this bike for better climbing ability as well as the geometry of a forward saddle  position for Time Trial and Triathlon racing.  Part of what Cindy does in her training and racing is to test and measure what happens out in the field and on a course.  By working at the little nuances, she is able to better bring those lessons to massage treatments to help you her client based on that testing and measuring.  Cindy would like to send out a huge thank you to the whole bike crew at Kyle's for their support and assistance!  It's looking to be another great year ahead! 
      *Note: Discount Tri Supply ships worldwide for all your triathlon needs!  

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