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Sports Therapy

The elements of training, racing and competition, put the body under a tremendous amount of stress.  
Stress that is necessary for the body to get stronger, faster and more efficient, but it's still stress nonetheless.

As an athlete, Sports Therapy is a tool that should be a part of your regular regimen.

As a Sports Therapist, my job is to help your body recover faster by finding areas of tightness and fatigue. 
Working with the muscles of the body; recovery time decrease, fatigue decreases and working together we can find areas of concern, often times before it may present as an injury for you. 

As your therapist, my job is to work with you and your training/competition schedule to help you be the best athlete that you can be. 

Perhaps you've had relaxation massage done, but not had sports specific fine tuning to your muscles. 

The type of work I provide for you at Hands On, is much like fine tuning an instrument. 

My job is to work with the muscles so they are supple, but still have the correct amount of tension or tone so they are ready for whatever you plan to toss their way next.

When each of us are striving for improvements, we look to those who have gone before.  What choices have the individuals that we admire made? When it comes to speed, agility, endurance and power- no matter the type of athlete, what tools 
have they utilized?  

Sports therapy is one of the top tools used on a regular basis by professional and amateur athletes. 

I'm passionate about helping those around me reach beyond what they thought possible.  Allow me to help you reach for your goals and dreams.

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