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Online scheduling

Q: What is the difference between sports massage or orthopedic massage and regular relaxation or general massage? 

A: Sports and Orthopedic massage targets specific areas.  A licensed Sports or Orthopedic massage practitioner will generally have a higher level of education in anatomy and physiology than a general relaxation massage therapist.  All are modalities necessary for overall health, but sports and orthopedic treatment sessions are specific to treating injuries, restoration and rehabilitation, prevention of delayed onset muscle soreness and helping to prevent acute problems from becoming chronic pain. 

Q: Do I have to be an athlete to have massage work done by one of the Hands On specialist?

A: Our therapist main goal is helping clients live their lives to the fullest.  Perhaps that means helping someone get through whiplash from a car accident, or recovering from a broken leg after falling on the ice.  Hands On therapist specialize in working with athletes, but they are all great problem solvers when it comes to pain and imbalances in the muscles.  Hands On therapist love work with any and all  individuals.

Q: Do you accept insurance?

A: Hands On does not bill insurance companies.  We can give you a sales receipt from your treatment session, but all sessions must be paid for at the time of service.

Q: Can I use my flex spending account through my job?

A: We have many clients that turn their sales receipts in to their flex accounts to get reimbursed for their treatment sessions.  Not all flex accounts will cover.  Please check with your company to find out if it covers preventative health care.

Q: Will I be reminded of my scheduled appointment?

A: When booking your appointment online, our online scheduling software will ask for your email address and phone number.  After you schedule, you will get a confirmation email that you are in the system, then you will receive an automated reminder 24 hrs prior to your appointment.  You can choose to "opt in" for text message reminders or just email..  If you do not receive a reminder, please check with your therapist to make sure you are on the schedule.

Q: Do you have a cancellation policy?

A: Yes, Hands On requires you notify your therapist no later than 24 hrs prior to your scheduled appointment or you will be billed for that appointment.

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