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Des Moines Triathlon Club Members

We are currently offering a 50% discount on our Massage plans. These plans correlate with your Racing/Training Schedule.

Gain insight on what's happening with your muscles throughout your training to help prevent injuries. 

You Follow a specific plan for everything else in your racing and training....

Let us take the guesswork away and provide piece of mind knowing that we've got your muscles covered.

We spend hours on transition setup, bike maintenance, drills in the pool, on the track and on our trainers.


Gold- 1 Year (for IM, Marathon or Ultra type training)  of a personalized program that works specifically with you, your coach, your training, your recovery.   Cost $200

Silver- Season (6 months) Specific for just a few races for a shorter season.  1/2 IM, Hy-Vee, new to racing?  Cost $150

Bronze- Race (12 weeks) Getting ready for a 1/2 marathon, Dam to Dam, one specific "A" race or event? This plan is for you.  Cost $100

How it works:

  • You send us your tentative Racing/Training schedule
  • Let us know if there are ever any changes to your plan, and we'll update accordingly
  • We will write up when you should get Pre-Event, Post-Event and Detailed Orthopedic work done.
  • By following a proactive plan, we can help you to stay ahead of injures and recover at a faster rate from your racing and training.

Call or email us today to get started with your customized "Sports Massage Treatment Plan"

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