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Signs and symptoms

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How do you know if your body "needs" work?  

For every person it's a little different.  I personally have two specific signals, for those of you who I have not yet met, I work with dogs (Weimaraners specifically). 

My personal cues that alert me of changes with my body:

1st - If one of my dogs is licking their paw and it's become an irritating sound, that is FIRST clue for me that it might be time for some massage work.  
"Irritability increases when we are on the edge of over-training"

2nd - If walking up one flight of stairs causes me to get out of breath, I'm about two days past due for a massage session and right on the edge of over-training!
"fatigue is your body telling you it needs recovery and rest"

I get a lot of questions about tight calves, heel and foot pain.  There are two major muscles that create your calves; they merge to form your Achilles tendon. Tight calves can create heel pain, plantar fasciitis, they can throw your gait causing an inconsistent pattern and over time could cause issues with hips and low back.  

If you are dealing with tight calves, ask yourself a couple of questions:
1. Have you changed the type of running you are doing?
2. Are you in need of new shoes?  (most shoes last about 300 miles)
3. When was the last time you had your muscles fine tuned?  

How often should a person get a massage?
It depends on the type of work load you are putting on your body.  The average person should have work done every 3-5 weeks depending on that individual and their needs. If your work load is intense (more than 8 workouts per week), you should be seeking treatment about every week to every other week, typically a 1/2 hr session is enough if you are getting treatments on a regular basis. 

Being proactive reduces the incident of injury because we are able to stay ahead of the game!

Pain is your body's way of telling you something isn't quite right.
Schedule a massage session so we can assess what is going on with your muscles and body.  -The longer you put off having the area treated the worse the problem will become and will in most cases create a compensation pattern causing issues and pain in another part of your body. 

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