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ISU Athletics

Letter from Mark Coberley- ISU Athletics to ISU Medical and Training staff

We are proud to announce that we have entered an agreement with Hands On Sports Massage to be the exclusive provider of sports massage therapy for ISU Athletics for the upcoming year.  Cindy McGuire is the owner and chief therapist.  This agreement has come about after an exhaustive search to find the right therapist(s) to fit our department’s needs.  We were determined to find the right  fit, qualifications, and vision to help all of us achieve our goals with our student-athletes, and believe we have finally found the right person to help us with this.  She is very excited to join our group of medical consultants who help care for our student-athletes.

Through this entire interview process, we have learned an important lesson:  not everyone who advertises to “be in sports massage” necessarily has any special qualifications or training to justify their advertisement.  With Cindy, however, be assured we have found a highly qualified person who uses state-of-the-art techniques and will work with our medical staff with the best interest of the student-athlete in mind.  She has over 700 clients, and specializes in sports related massage techniques.  Additionally, Cindy works with other athletic groups (Iowa Cubs, USA Track and Field, professional and amateur endurance sport athletes, international track and field athletes, etc.)  


Thank you,

Mark Coberley


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