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Clinic Staff

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Sports and Orthopedic Therapist

At Hands On Sports Massage, we treat existing injuries, provide preventative maintenance, and educate our clients about their muscles and bodies.  Our customized massage treatment and preventative maintenance program will maximize your athletic performance by increasing your range of motion, flexibility, agility, speed, function, and focus, so you can train and compete at your greatest potential.

Cindy McGuire Headshot smile_edited.jpg

Neurological Based Bodyworker

My mission is to provide a client-centered approach to therapy, in order to help facilitate greater awareness and empower clients in moving with less pain, and greater ease and confidence.  Whether you are training for a marathon or want to pick up your child without pain, it is all movement that affects our quality of life.  Through thoughtful and compassionate touch, my goal is to assess the specific mechanics, kinetics, and compensation patterns that are unique to your body, gain a bigger picture of who you are, and ultimately work with you toward achieving more functional movement and greater balance.

Sarah Masengarb

Deep Tissue Therapist

Amanda is a very strong and capable sports therapist who studied at Fremont College in Los Angeles, California.  While in Los Angeles she was able to further her skills by working with a range of celebrities, professional athletes as well as others suffering from acute injuries.  She's great at helping all walks of life feel at ease by focusing on injury history and special conditions to determine a proper treatment plan for each session.  She is also very knowledgeable in reflexology, prenatal, cupping, and scrapping techniques.  She resides in Iowa now and is looking to help our fellow Iowans move pain and injury free.



Office Greeter and expert in #artoftheplunk

Zaydah is a St Bernard/Poodle cross.  She's hypoallergenic and loves all people, especially kids. She is at school most Tuesdays and Thursdays but with Cindy in the office the rest of the time.  She'll greet you, ask to hold your hand, then a belly rub.  While we are caring for your muscles, she'll be off in a deep slumber with the occasional grand chase of something in her dreams.  Signified by her air-running legs and the occasional whimper.  
A the end of your session, she will have already gone on to greet her next client, but don't be offended, she does that to everyone.

Clinicians: Meet the Team
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